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A Master Key System allows you to control the access to particular areas, locks are specially keyed so that a key can fit all locks ( Master Key). Below that you would have a key (Pass key) that would operate only the door it was designated to The diagram to the right shows a simple master key system that allow one person access to all the locks whilst others can only access an individual lock.
A good example of this type of system is an hotel/motel. The manager has key that fits all rooms, the guest has a key that their room and nothing else. It can be expanded so that the quests key will also operate common areas such as a gym


A Restricted Master Key System is an extension of the above Master key system, it offers a restriction on the keyholder being able to get the key duplicated. When these systems are installed and commissioned there needs to be a list of authorised signatures lodged with the Locksmith. Extra keys will only ever issued upon receipt of an official order with a signature matching those already on file, there are no exceptions to the rule. Allcare Locksmiths have specialised in these systems for over 30 years.

Allcare Locksmiths are able to offer the Bilock High Security, the Lockwood Twin High Security and the EVVA Restricted Key systems. Both these systems are compatible with the majority of the locking hardware on the Australian market today. Both systems are capable of being expanded
to suit the most complex of requirements. Both Bilock and Lockwood set out strict criteria to allow controlled access to their products. Allcare Locksmiths are proud to be able to offer both these systems to our customers.

Allcare Locksmiths as full members of the Master Locksmiths Association of Australasia are also able to supply their range of restricted products, this includes the fully patented Binary Plus system as well as the older JA-JC systems

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