Domestic Locks

Allcare Locksmiths & Security offer a full range of services to suit the needs of domestic customers, if required, this work can be carried out on an after-hours basis in the event of keys being stolen or lost.

Our range of services include the following:

Re-keying Locks

Before you move yourself or any possessions into the house you should rekey any of the old locks to exclude previous key holders from entering the house. In the event of keys being stolen or lost it is also important to rekey the locks quickly

Replacing Locks

In the unfortunate circumstance of someone breaking into your house we can replace and if need be further enhancing the existing security of your home

Keying Alike or Common keying

Many people find themselves juggling a big bunch of keys for their home, Allcare Locksmiths & Security can common key most door and window locks. We can also add padlocks for garden sheds and side gates on the same key as the front door, in most cases we can reduce the keys down to just a couple.

Upgrading locks

Allcare Locksmiths & Security can provide a huge range of locks for every type of door in your home, these locks are all to your insurance company standard. It is often the case that the fitting of these locks will reduce your insurance premium.

Installation of Safes

Allcare Locksmiths & Security can arrange for a safe to installed in your home, it depends on your personal requirements, it can be in the floor or a fire proof free standing model. We can also supply pistol and rifle safes to comply with Government regulations. Go to our Safes page.

Installation of Burglar Alarms

Allcare Locksmiths & Security can arrange for the installation of an alarm into your home, this can be from the most basic alarm through to a fully monitored back to base type. Again we can discuss requirements with you and tailor a system best suited to your needs.