Commercial Security

Allcare Locksmiths & Security provides a complete range of security services to all types of commercial customers, this includes Retail, Office and other Commercial/Industrial applications.


Guarding against shoplifting during trading hours, burglary after hours is an important part of reducing risk for retailers. Allcare Locksmiths & Security provides CCTV and alarm systems to suit your retail premises. These can act as a deterrent for offenders as well as provide evidence if there is any criminal activity.


Office premises require a range of security measures including CCTV, access control systems and alarms to protect against the range of external and internal threats. Allcare Locksmiths & Security can help you with assessing the risks to your business and provide solutions appropriate to your office.

Other Commercial

CCTV, Alarms and access control systems have an important role to play in a wide range of other commercial and public areas including: factories, warehouses, schools, universities, hospitals, hotels, motels, public telephones, trucks, buses, shopping centres, mobile phone towers, poker machines, bollards, councils, tunnels and bridges. These have their own unique security issues and Allcare Locksmiths & Security have the experience and expertise to assist you in providing the most appropriate solution to your security needs.