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The Lockwood Twin Security Keying System introduces a revolution in cylinder design. It delivers vast improvements in building security. Lockwood Twin doubles your security with a dual pinning mechanism combining six pin inline with three pin factory side code. The side code acts on a side bar in the cylinder. Each key also has a unique design registered pattern of side grooves incorporated in the profile. Keys can be cut only on special high-precision machinery.

As part of the Key Control process, you will be issued with a Key Control Binder or equivalent software, allowing you to maintain internal key control, simply and efficiently.

A key with the wrong profile cannot even be inserted. A key with the wrong side code cannot release the side bar. For a key to open the lock, it must have the correct

  • Profile
  • Side Code
  • Top Code

That's Security! The unique combination of side code and profile is the Keyway. Keyway details are stored in a secure computer database controlled exclusively by Lockwood.

Supply of keys by Lockwood or one of it's elite dealers is via customer signature control, as specified in a three-way agreement.

As part of the Three-way Agreement, keys and cylinders can be ordered through the appointed Lockwood Twin dealer or the lo\\Lockwood Factory. Lockwood's central registry is updated with all transactions, and summary details sent to you for your key control records.

What about existing locks? Yes, you can retrofit Lockwood Twin to most conventional Lockwood assemblies and gain all the benefits of this breakthrough security and design.

Forget traditional systems of key control. Lockwood Twin introduces a new era of secure key control from the factory through an elite dealer network, to your door.

A Lockwood Twin master key is designed for your sole and exclusive use. It is fully patented and therefore Lockwood controls the distribution of keyblanks. Lockwood Twin keys cannot be duplicated by unauthorised parties.

It operates every Lockwood Twin lock that has been built to your unique specification. But it will not operate any locks other than your own, neither will any other master key open the locks you use.

Every Lockwood Twin key is marked according to your requirements and strictly monitored from the time of manufacture until certified delivery.

Legally binding agreements signed by Lockwood, the Lockwood twin dealer and you the end user. It states who owns the Security Master Keying System and who can order keys or cylinders from the appointer Twin Dealer.

Lockwood Twin: Twice As Good!

  • Fully patented
  • Dual pinning mechanism
  • Pick-resistant design
  • Drill protection
  • Powerful high security deterrant to unauthorised entry
  • Key Control "from the factory floor to your door"
  • Design registration of all your keys
  • Master Keying for security and convenience
  • Suits new installations
  • Retrofitable to most existing Lockwood locks.
Legal Protection


Strong international patents protect the design of the mechanism of the Lockwood Twin System. Patent Protection ensures exclusivity by legally barring the sale of unauthorised, manufactured or imported cylinders or key blanks. Lockwood Twin is fully patent protected.

Design Registration

The keyblank is protected from unauthorised duplication by patents and design registration.

Master Keying

Master Key systems increase security and convenience by ensuring that an individual or employee needs only one key, which opens only the doors they need. The security of a Master Keying system depends on either effective:

  • Key Control
  • Patent Protection

The Lockwood Twin System employs both of these crucial measures, guaranteeing you peace of mind through the greatest possible security.

Lockwood Twin Security Cylinder, Key and Pin Diagram
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