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EVVA Restricted Key Systems

EVVA produces innovative keying systems of the highest quality. With many years of experience in major European locksmith markets including the UK & Scandinavia which have a similar locksmith industry to Australia.

Evva has grown in the Australian and New Zealand markets by forming strong business alliances and exclusively distributing through locksmith companies. EVVA DPS has been successfully installed into large sites, including councils, corporate identities and Government institutions since its release in early 2007.

The Keys

EVVA DPS keys are manufactured from laminated nickel silver making it one of the strongest hardwearing keys on the market. The key is precisely centred by the special profile ridge structure, ensuring problem-free insertion. We have the option of 12 colour keyheads for easy key identification.

The system has three different safeguards that protect against keys being copied or tampered with:

  • Organizational protection: Keys are only made for authorised individuals with the necessary proof of legitimacy (e.g. correct signatures).
  • Legal protection: the manufacturing of keys only takes place at EVVA and at EVVA-authorised Agents. Furthermore, EVVA is protected against the unauthorised manufacturing of DPS keys by means of patented features on the key.
  • Technical protection: Keys have technical features that require specialised machines and specialist knowledge for their manufacture.

The EVVA DPS High Security Key System features include a unique pinning system using sliders which activate a control bar. In addition, broaching sidebars are used to create multi broached key systems allowing locksmiths to generate a theoretical 133 million combinations. An additional cylinder trap pin is installed to all cylinders to prevent manipulation of the sidebar broaching.

EVVA DPS has high security anti-pick, anti-bump sliders protected by three hardened steel sidebar blocking pins to prevent drilling attacks. All cylinders are made from brass, stainless steel and nickel components for longer lasting performance.


  • Teflon impregnated sliders to create smooth efficient key insertion
  • Stainless steel locking control bar
  • Multi broaching sidebars for greater code expansion
  • Anti pick Features
  • Anti bump Features
  • Three hardened steel blocking pins in all cylinders from manufacturer


EVVA DPS systems are generated using Promaster 5 or the Keymastery. By simply adding the multiple key profiles and parameters to the various programs you will be able to create the most complex key systems.

Legal Protection

EVVA DPS has a patent in Australia on the cylinder and the key to the year 2022 ensuring legal protection against unauthorized key manufacture.

Patent protection on a key system provides the strongest form of legal protection.

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